Vehicle Fleet Maintenance


Maintenance of the fleet is an important item in the budget of a company. The way you treat your car directly impacts on your costs and responsibility to your employees as an employer.

We offer effective support to the fleet which will reduce your costs and time that your car is not in operation. Our experience in management and maintenance of fleet allows us to offer our program to reduce costs while preserving high standards of safety and corporate image.

Depending on the requirements of your business, we offer:

“Full Service”-This package includes full support when you pay a fixed monthly fee, which reduces your risk of unforeseen costs and easy preparation of your budget.

“Pay on Use”- This package includes full support when you pay the cost of the repairs, taking advantage of discounts that you will agree with repairers and suppliers of spare parts and consumables.

We understand how important is the trust of our customers, so we offer 100% guarantee of honesty, keeping your best interests and offer discounts for all our customers, no matter the size of their motor vehicle fleet.

Service packages for our clients include:

  - Representation to insurance companies in the event of a claim with the company car;

  - Renewal of expiring insurance, conducting correspondence with insurers in connection with the formation of documentary claims and storage of relevant documentation;

  - Monitor the technical testing and use of motor vehicles in accordance with company rules and procedures;

  - Preparation of company procedures relating to the operation of vehicles and staff training;

  - Assistance to the employee in traffic accidents;
  - Planning of annual and periodic checks;

  - Registration of vehicles;

  - Planning of annual and periodic checks;

  - Substitute vehicles;

  - Current repairs;

  - Roadside assistance;