Vehicle Fleet

Fleet is part of the structure of an organization and a tool for performing basic activities of the company. Management and maintenance of motor vehicles is an essential item in the budget of a company that requires responsibility and professionalism. In the growing dynamism of the economic environment we understand that the correct choice of vehicles, suppliers and partners is vital for any organization.

Since each organization is different, we do not offer "standard menu of services. Gained our experience in the management of different size and composition of fleets, we know from experience that the best management is a combination of the specific realities and ambitions of your organization.

We offer professional management and maintenance, consistent with the growing demands of business efficiency, maintaining the corporate image. Being independent experts, we offer best practices in:

zanas     -  Vehicle Fleet Management

    -  Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

    -  Administration of the fleet

    -  Selection and delivery of cars

    -  Training in safety and efficiency